Plješivička klet - obiteljski restoran sa širokom ponudom jela i pića te ponudom vrhunskih domaćih vina
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O nama - jela sa roštilja, juhe, gljive, salate
"Plješivička klet" was opened long time ago, in year 1974.

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"Plješivička klet" is a family restaurant. Families own this restaurant, and families are the most common guests. In our object you can organize some nice family meetings (baptism, graduate party and so on), but for wedding parties we recommend that you visit our special object called "Svetojanska klet" in Sveta Jana near Jastrebarsko.

Our gastronomy offer changed during these long years, but basic gastronomy is still authentic and it is not changed.

Food prepared according to authentic recipes, domestic recipes, excellent ingredients, attracts gourmand community for years. Excellent vines from our vineyards, produced and maintained in our vine cellars, are also preferable companions to our meals.

It is very interesting to see that during these all years, our excellent service, food and drink attracted enormous number of customers that stayed loyal all of these years.In 1997. we received Top 100 restaurant in Croatia Award.